Supercharged NFTs

What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is a dynamic art generation engine that enables projects to customize, evolve and upgrade NFTs with ease.

Dynamic art engine

The images are created on-the-fly using the attribute layers, allowing project owners to dynamically change attributes based on on-chain or off-chain oracles.

Easy-to-use API

Projects can implement their own attribute update logic using our easy-to-use API, without the need to update on-chain data.

Decentralized Storage

Partnering with GenesysGo, SHIFT's storage provider will be Shadow Drive, an on-chain storage system built specifically for the Solana blockchain.

Bespoke services

We can build custom logic to accommodate any project's specific attribute update needs. Each project will get their own dynamic rarity dashboard which showcases the rarities of dynamic NFTs in real-time

Supplementary products

SHIFT enables different use cases for projects, one of which being a dynamic media creation site that the holders can generate different versions of their NFTs such as wallpapers, posters and PFPs.

Support for custom attributes

SHIFT allows projects to target updates for specific NFTs, for example if an NFT in your collection needs an adjustment to one of its traits or layers, SHIFT allows you to easily do this without updating that layer for every other NFT. Projects can define custom rules for their updates.

Use Cases

  • NFT evolution by way of staking protocol
  • Trait shop accepting SPL token
  • NFT attributes that mirror in-game items
  • Trait changes based on defined logic
  • Gradual attribute reveal
  • Seasonal attribute updates
  • NFT branding pack (e.g. wallpapers, merch assets)
  • And more...

See what's possible:

In-game items

Time of day

Real events

Gradual reveal

In-game items

NFTs can seamlessly mirror in-game attributes with a simple API call and an automated webhook. No need to update on-chain data.



Apply for SHIFT

Have a project that could be a good fit for SHIFT? Fill out the form to apply. Note, we hand-select projects that we feel will demonstrate strong use case for SHIFT, and teams we feel are good for the space overall.